Sunday, August 3, 2008


We all have our favorite colors. My favorite colors are black and red. This probably explains why I have a black dog with a red collar. The red collar is also because I have black rugs in my kitchen that my dog likes to sleep on and I accidentally stepped on him once there, so I got him a bright red collar.
But do you know that your favorite colors probably have to do with your personality type? Different colors will make you elicit a certain behavior, while subtle, it is a small change that can effect you over time. A lot of businesses will use colors in advertising and to make people feel a certain way about their advertisements. And it's very common for particular areas of buildings to be painted different colors for the what they're built for. It terms of sleep, sometimes you may not be getting a good night's sleep because of the color of your sleeping area, or because your work environment makes you sleepy there.

Red will make people feel stronger and more powerful, looking at the color elevates your heartbeat slightly creating a feeling of excitement. When I go out to my favorite nightspots, I like to wear red, not only does it draw attention in general, but the red adds a little more feeling of excitement to anyone who looks at me. Sleeping in an area with a lot of red is not recommended as a slightly elevated heartbeat will not help you sleep

Black also has a similar effect, black elicits the feeling of mystery and curiosity. It's a thought provoking color. And while it is a great color to wear and will never go out of style, I also wouldn't recommend this as a sleeping area color

Pink is a soft, nurturing and relaxing color. A light shade of pink is almost always used to calm people and make them feel weaker. You will find the most common place this happens is in prisons and the visiting team's locker rooms for sports arenas. Because of the effect of this color, it is a good color to use for a sleeping environment.

Taupe is a soothing color, other than being soothing it is supposed to elicit as close to no emotional response as possible. There are many shades of taupe and it's no surprise that a lot of a lot of offices and hallways are painted a light this color to keep socializing and activity to a minimum in them.

Yellow promotes warmth, happiness, and cheer. The nice thing about yellows are that they look more of the taupe color in low light and bright in high light. So they can work both ends of the spectrum

I'll do more colors another time, if anyone reading this wants to comment, please tell me what colors your office/sleeping area and I'll talk about that too.


Anonymous said...

my sleeping area is bright darkish green. but you didnt write about green. this helps :)

Anonymous said...

yeah! hey wut does green do?? mine is green to!

Anonymous said...

What does blue do? I was thinking about painting my room blue.